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    • You will need to carefully consider how you can relate your story/idea very closely to just ONE topic … perhaps the topic of the page you just came from. If it is relevant to one or more other tools, these can be added later during moderation. Choose the main one please.
    • At the moderation stage, we reserve the right to edit, make minor changes to or even not to post any or all of the submissions we receive to this website. This will be done without notice.
    • You will be also be acknowledged as the author of this post using your logged in [Author’s name] OR [nickname] … whichever is noted in your log in status bar above (top right hand corner next to ‘Howdy’ &/or your avatar/picture). Change this, if you like, click on ‘Edit My Profile’ (under ‘Howdy’ &/or your avatar/picture) … scroll down to [Display name publicly as: ] and choose.
    • The copyright of the moderated post will be the shared property of yourself and unless it is a direct quote/resource from a named/referenced primary source. Please note the name/reference in the text of your post &/or fields provided.

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