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    The power of story lies in the shared journey of discovery for both the story teller and the story listener.

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    Shared story:

    • Sharing a story allows the storyteller to focus on what he has found to be helpful and true for him. Putting it into words solidifies it somehow.
    • The story listener is under no obligation to do anything with the story. He may glean some truth for the situation he finds himself in.
    • The story teller is committed to ‘village’. She expects the story listener to respond to the story with respect and care but this is not guaranteed. She will share the story anyway.
    • The story listener may experience a range of emotions when hearing a story. These can range from affirmation to anger; from passion to bewilderment. Nevertheless, she will acknowledge these feelings as being valid for her without judgement on the storyteller.
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    It takes a village to raise a child. (African Proverb) … a cliché, but true!
    Be a part of this village and share from your experiences so others can benefit.
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