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    Tool 04 … Personality keys


    • Take the time to get to know about your personality type and the personality types of each child.
    • The social sciences (psychology, sociology and others) have provided a wealth of information to provide us with a life time of reading. To even wade in the shallows of such a body of work requires a lot of time and the motivation to do so.
    • This motivation will most likely come from wanting all our relationships to be just right … one’s relationship with one’s self … as well as one’s relationships with history, the world and others, including the children in our midst.
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    Make a difference … share your story or idea!

    It takes a village to raise a child. (African Proverb) … a cliché, but true!
    Be a part of this village and share from your experiences so others can benefit.
    Click to share what you have seen or heard of or tried?