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    Tool 09 … Some helpful definitions


    • Discipline involves all of life, the total process of training and guiding a child towards a goal. Managing or controlling situations are steps along the way to achieving the goal of discipline.
    • Discipline, from the same Latin root word as ‘disciple’ meaning ‘to learn’.
    • To manage is to handle a situation, take care of something/someone &/or make decisions about.
    • Containing the Latin ideas to ‘counter-roll’, control emphasises the parent/adult/teacher maintaining their agendas.
    • The word ‘punishment is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘pain’.
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    Make a difference … share your story or idea!

    It takes a village to raise a child. (African Proverb) … a cliché, but true!
    Be a part of this village and share from your experiences so others can benefit.
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