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    Tool 01 … Research

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    A summary of ideas for discussion


    • Devise a means of gaining information from others in a way that offers the best chance of discovering helpful hints and adapting them to your situation.
      • Ask, “What have you seen or heard of or tried …?”
      • Sharing stories in this way helps to grow community … we are all in this together.
      • This is an S9 tool

Truth and grace …
The truth? Growing great kids is hard work.
The grace? We are in it together!
‣‣‣ Phil Day

Generally, there is no order as such in the way the tools in Toolkit have been displayed … except for this one.

The reason this is placed first as Tool~01 is to encourage a personal research approach to parenting and work with children and as a way of exploring all the other tools. Asked as, "What have you seen or heard or tried …" means it is an open ended question that invites more than just a 'yes/no' answer. It is an engaging question. This question becomes a useful tool when researching all other aspects of Toolkit. Using the metaphor of the 'Toolkit' it is a tool that sharpens all other tools.

Key Question

You might start by explaining, "I'm researching parenting strategies from books, internet and friends … adding to what I'm trying at home with the kids, so ... if you have a minute, I'd like to ask …
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