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    Tool 03 … A warm welcome

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    A summary of ideas for discussion


    • Children know very quickly whether you love being with them or not.
    • It helps if you can find ways to give them a very warm welcome.
    • The practices you consciously or unconsciously exhibit are picked up by children over time. They will respond well or react badly to the way they are treated.
    • Many behavioural issues are averted when the welcome children receive is generally positive, helpful and healthy.
    • This is an S9 tool

There is a never-ending, free supply of the sorts of things that say, “Welcome!” to a child … smiles, forgiveness, love, time, attention, laughter, hugs, encouragement, care, thoughtfulness, patience … all costly in terms of your time and energy, but all free!
‣‣‣ Phil Day

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