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    A summary of ideas for discussion

    • Discipline involves all of life, the total process of training and guiding a child towards a goal. Managing or controlling situations are steps along the way to achieving the goal of discipline.
    • Discipline, from the same Latin root word as ‘disciple’ meaning ‘to learn’.
    • To manage is to handle a situation, take care of something/someone &/or make decisions about.
    • Containing the Latin ideas to ‘counter-roll’, control emphasises the parent/adult/teacher maintaining their agendas.
    • The word ‘punishment is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘pain’.
    • This is an S9 tool

We must all suffer one of two things:
the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.
‣‣‣ Jim Rohn


Discipline, from the same latin root word as 'disciple' meaning 'to learn', is focused on a vision for the learner growing and developing in and towards maturity.

The process of discipline is to help a child to learn … to understand, adopt and live by a set of values so that her character is shaped rather than her behaviour merely controlled by an external influence.

Discipline is when parents, teachers, family and carers partner up in the care of a child and share a vision that one day a self-disciplined adult will emerge. In a disciplined child there will be a growth in understanding and an increasing responsibility for the helpful and healthy behaviours in her life. This also means that child making choices on the basis of a set of understood and adopted values. She will be motivated to keep them for deeply personal reasons.

For example, a community demonstrating a high commitment to preserving the environment, fair trade, sustainable development, renewable energy and clean technology would be said to have 'green' values. This would also indicate a deeper respect for our planet and life on it; even a love for it. For a child in that community, the goal of 'green' discipline would be for that child to acquire those characteristic qualities, attitudes, practices and the deeper underlying motivations which are consistent with those of the mature 'greenie'.

Such qualities and practices are not easily or naturally developed. They must be gradually learned. This process requires guidance & help for the parent and the child as well as for the community around them. Discipline is a positive process rather than a negative battle. This is true only if the focus is kept on the desired values, attitudes and behaviours to be nurtured.


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