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    Tool 18 … Follow through … no warnings

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    A summary of ideas for discussion

    • Children will need to learn that for certain behaviours there will be no warnings given before a process of corrective discipline is undertaken.
    • Instantaneous follow through of fair consequences in response to a particular unacceptable behaviour is only a possibility if you have carefully explained and negotiated this process beforehand.
    • This is an RD tool

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.
‣‣‣ Robert Louis Stevenson

Instantaneous follow through of fair consequences is a possibility in response to the abuse of the guidelines, rules, expectations and agreements if you have carefully explained and negotiated that this is the process for certain behaviours.

You will need to have explained there will be no warnings giving in relation to these certain behaviours.

Don’t create the bad consequence if you do not intend to follow through 1001 times in response to the child testing you the 1000 times.

In response to certain behaviours:

  1. Remind the child of the agreement;
  2. Time out! Time for both parties to settle down.
  3. Delivery and follow through of bad consequences.
  4. Chatting through what went wrong, looking at next time, values chat, restore relationships.


Further Research:

What can go wrong at the point of the follow through? Have you seen or heard of or tried anything that would be helpful at this point?

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