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Here’s an idea!

Listen to yourself …
You’re continually reminding and telling your children what to do next. This happens in a variety of contexts (home, classroom, small group, playground, sports club). Sometimes you even catch yourself sounding like a nag! But you don’t want to be. You wish there was a simple trick to stop this. Maybe there is! Maybe it’s just about learning how to say, “What’s next?”
This puts the responsibility on the child to determine the helpful next step to take in what ever is they are supposed to be doing. If a child doesn’t know what is next, part of the routine is learning to ask! Read more about this in the post: “What’s next?”

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“Truth and grace …
The truth?
Growing great kids is hard work.
The grace?
We are in it together!”
‣‣‣ Phil Day

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Talk some more soon …

That’s enough of a Snippet from this part of the village* for now. The next snippet will be coming along in a week and will include some stories about what people have said about Toolkit for growing great kids.

Cheers, Toolkit

* African proverb: It takes a village to raise a child

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